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Manufacturers of mercury-containing lamps are prohibited from selling a mercury-containing lamp unless they are implementing an approved collection plan, pay a fee to the state, are listed on the Vermont Agency for Natural Resources (ANR) web site as covered by an approved plan, and meet several other requirements. This prohibition became effective July 1, 2012.

Retailers that sell mercury-containing lamps and any municipality are eligible to participate in the program as a collection site. These collection sites are available throughout the state for “covered entities” to dispose of eligible mercury-containing lamps at no charge.  Some retailers also qualify as “manufacturers” under the law if they meet certain criteria.

See this? HG. Don't trash it, recycle them for free instead.

The Act defines a “covered entity” as “any person who presents to a collection facility that is included in an approved plan:

  • (A) Any number of compact fluorescent mercury-containing lamps; or
  • (B) 10 or fewer mercury-containing lamps that are not compact fluorescent lamps.”

Vermont Recycling Information


Free recycling of fluorescent, cfls, and other mercury-containing light bulbs. Bring any number of CFLs or up to ten linear, circline, U-tube or HID bulbs to one of the retailers, transfer stations, or hazardous waste depots throughout Vermont that offer free recycling.

Residents of Vermont that meet the definition of a covered entity may dispose, for no cost, mercury-containing lamps at any collection site throughout the state.

Learn more from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Collection Sites

Retailers that sell mercury-containing lamps and municipalities are eligible to serve as collection sites  in the manufacturers’ lamp recycling program. There is no charge to participate as a collection site.

Details about eligibility, participation requirements, container ordering, promotional materials, and program support are available through the following links.

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