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Maine : Proper Recycling of Fluorescent Bulbs


Fluorescent, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, and some neon lighting lamps contain small amounts of mercury and are identified with the symbol hgsymbol or the words “contains mercury.”

Maine law does not allow mercury-added lamps to be disposed of in the trash, but requires that they be recycled.  Consumers can recycle their waste fluorescent bulbs free of charge at any of more than 100 retail stores and many local solid waste facilities, identified in this PDF or by searching their zip code.

As per legislative amendments adopted in 2019, a person may present: 1) any number of waste CFLs, or 2) 10 or fewer waste non-CFL, mercury-containing lamps per visit to a collection site in Maine.

Staff at these collection sites are trained in accordance with Maine Department of Environmental Protection requirements. The used, unbroken fluorescent bulbs are recycled to prevent the release of mercury to the environment, with all other components recovered for reuse.

For information on managing waste mercury-added lamps in accordance with Maine’s universal waste regulations, please refer to the following handbook developed by Maine DEP.


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Maine retailers and Municipalities may request to participate in the manufacturer program by completing the attached Participation Agreements and submitting them to NEMA for review and approval.

Collection sites can order LampRecycle posters on their Veolia portal, a printable version is also available for download.

If you need assistance logging in contact Veolia at 1 888 669 9725, Opt. 2 OR